Planning and Design Team

This planning effort is organized by The Heritage Fund – The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County, and is made possible by the generosity of the Cummins Foundation. DAVID RUBIN Land Collective is the prime planning consultant, and has engaged with a talented team of sub-consultants for the project:

Planning Lead, Public Engagement, Landscape Architecture & Urban Design

Real Estate, Economic Development, Program Design & Implementation Consulting

Architecture, Urban Design & Heritage/Preservation

Mobility, Accessibility, and Sustainability

Cost Estimating Consultants

Website Design & Development

Steering Committee

The following community members serve as the local steering committee for ENVISION COLUMBUS.  They will assist the planning and design team by sharing their knowledge of the community and by providing initial feedback on new concepts and ideas.

Steering Committee Members

Jeff Bergman

Jim Bickel

Jesse Brand

John Burnett

Mary Chandler

Tom Dell

Mark Elwood

Mary Ferdon

Cindy Frey

Tony Gambaiani

Tracy Haddad

Tom Harmon

Jack Hess

Jason Hester

Rick Johnson

Mark Levett

Mayor Jim Lienhoop

Richard McCoy

Tony Moravec

Karen Niverson

Norbert Nusterer

Hutch Schumaker

Tracy Souza